My Weight loss Experience with doTERRA Lemon essential oil

I started 2 years after my second pregnancy to use doTERRA lemon oil internally for weight loss. Previous endeavours to loose excessive weight through diet change and an increase in exercise brought only poor results and it seemed to me the metabolism had slowed down drastically after giving birth. So, it was October, time of oncoming winter, and I decided to begin my mornings with 1 drop of lemon oil in a pint of lukewarm water mostly before and sometimes after breakfast.

Even though the first sip wasn’t too tasty I got used too it quickly. During the first days I also drank one drop of lemon oil in a pint during lunchtime. It was amazing, not just was I able to skip meals or just nibble but also, I felt like having much more energy to get things done and even the housework seemed to go easier than usual. And after a few days I noticed a desire to be and eat healthy, thoughts of it being nice to exercise more, the desire to eat more fruit vs. chocolate bars, which both -the exercise thing and the fruit choice would be rather unnatural for me, coming into winter.

It is recommended not to exceed 2 drops a day and take a 20 day- break after ten days of internal use. I followed the recommendation and started back on day 30. A few days after I stepped on the scale and 4 kg were gone.

It felt good, sustainable weight loss but at times I had to stay with one drop in the morning, otherwise I ended up eating nearly nothing and that doesn’t appear to be too healthy either after 2 days in a role. In between I also tried the doTERRA Smart&Sassy but didn’t come to like it as much as the Lemon.

After around 6 months of using it regularly and not using it for a while (longer than the recommended break) I had lost 17 of 20 kg excessive weight. People started asking what I have done to lose so much weight and telling them that one to two drops lemon oil in a pint of lukewarm water 1-2 times daily left them looking at me as if I am a seven- headed dragon. With this reaction in mind I gave it to my mum, wondering if I was just imagining it and asking her if she likes to try. As we just met after the 6 months and she hadn’t seen me for that length of time, she noticed the weight loss straight away. She gave me feedback after 3 months being back home and experienced similar results especially in the belly area, an area of complaint ever after carrying twins and that was long time ago.

Her colleagues became aware of my mum’s belly changing (all women) and one of her co-workers started using it. She lost weight in the feet, no joke. My mum had described her colleagues’ feet previously as meaty and this lady was attending fitness classes twice a week with a job as Physiotherapist, which means hard physical work. Now she wasn’t fitting in her shoes anymore and had lost one size. Also, her calf muscles and ankles looked more toned, as per my mum’s description.

So now, after all this positive feedback I am 100% certain about the effectiveness. The price might appear a lot, 15,50 for the bottle but given the lastingness of more than 3 months I think it is absolutely worth it. Oh yes, and from one feedback I learned, more is not better. My friend used 6 drops thinking this would speed up the process, but this is too much. Way too much. It caused her watery eyes, an effected respiratory system and a strong distaste for lemon. Thankfully she noticed herself and stopped. And to the question, why not just drinking squeezed lemon juice, because the essential oils are located in the peel of the lemon and this is what has the effect on the body.
Try and see for yourself.


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